Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brave Arms Customize Trailer Released in first Facebook Beta Test

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Hey everyone!

Today marks the first step of the Brave Arms Beta testing. 3G Studios (the company I work for) briefly opened our client server to the masses to collect technical issue feedback from folks who own various hardware configurations. After just 1 hour, we had over 3,000 users successfully download our engine. This is encouraging news as the game isn't finished/released yet, but interest is apparently quite high!
As an Easter Egg bonus for those who pro-actively downloaded and tested the app, I created the 2nd trailer for the game, focusing on character customization, which loaded up and played after the installation completed. As a side note, the British voice over throughout the trailer is none other than yours truly! From what I've seen so far, feedback from folks have been delightly positive, so I guess I did my job.

The company I work for recently moved into much more plush digs and the Audio Room at the time of recording the V.O. hadn't been set up yet, so I improvised by taking a few pieces of wall foam, a portable mic, and a flashlight to read the script, and created a mini-sound booth that BARELY fit my head. Unbeknownst to me during the recording, the Project Manager took a picture of me with my head shoved in the flimsy contraption, which I have attached to this Blog Entry for your viewing enjoyment!

For those who missed it, 3G Studios will be making the download available again multiple times over the coming weeks with bug fixes so get signed up if you haven't done so already and check it out here:!/bravearms
Any feedback is most welcome!
Russell Perkins

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