Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Walking Dead Main Titles Project

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I *finally* got around to seeing what all the fuss has been about the show, "The Walking Dead" and after being glued to Netflix catching up on the previous 2 seasons, I have joined the hordes of fans.  One of the things I like about the show are the main titles created by Prologue Films for seasons 1, 2, and Yu+co for season 3.  What's super cool about the approach to the intros, are the sense of paranoia, loneliness, foreshadow, and dread the visuals infuse while simultaneously dropping subtle hints as to what each character is known for by using a particular object that represents them.  I'm a huge fan of Kyle Cooper's work as his ideas never fail to impress.

Since I have some free time, I thought it'd be fun to create my own version of TWD main titles!  My homage to the intro will take place somewhere between Season 2 & 3 - that way I can draw upon symbolic imagery we've seen from the show when it comes to some of the main character credits.  I've created a laundry list of items that I need to collect:

- Katana
- Sheriff hat
- Axe
- Rotary Phone
- Bloodied Gauze
- Crossbow
- Handgun
- Pregnancy Test

The katana seems to be the hardest thing to find since the one used on the show is a white ceremonial style katana...I'll post updates as the project progresses!

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