Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Facebook Photography page gets a Facelift...and then some.

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Hey guys,

Happy Halloween! This year, I noticed that there were quite a few preemptive Halloween parties going on - some of which were a week early! I also saw kids trick or treating at Starbucks during the daytime....take your pick as to which part of that sentence doesn't seem....well....uhh...traditional.

While no ghoulish fun this year is particularly exciting to me, I AM excited to share with all of you that my Facebook Photography page has been updated with a massive overhaul! Essentially, I wanted to tie all of the various aspects of my Photography together into a cohesive presentation for everyone who loves the art of Photography, is interested in booking me for a future gig, or is interested in getting to know a bit more about me. What is new you ask? Allow me to explain...

For newcomers, there is a "Welcome" tab. Folks who have already "liked" my page can access this page too and you all should because of the goodness contained within. There are 3 sections to the "Welcome" tab: The first section is a gateway to all 9 photo albums (6 new albums added!). All albums contain samples of my work in various genres of Photography to give you all a good idea of what all I shoot. The 2nd section is VERY cool. It's called "Look Behind the Lens" and is an in depth insider pass to every aspect of my work. This tab includes multiple features including behind the scenes videos, links to interviews, specific gallery links, sneak peaks to new projects/features that are coming soon, and much more. This tab will be periodically updated with brand new features, so it will certainly be fresh and entertaining to visit on a regular basis. Also, a commenting section at the bottom is available for you all to leave feedback regarding the content on this page, so feel free to participate as I would love to hear your thoughts! The 3rd section in the "Welcome" tab is titled "model profile" and is an interactive slideshow, showing sets of a model who I have worked with. This too will be periodically updated, so make sure you check back every once in awhile for that too.

In an attempt to make it more convenient for you to stay in touch with me, I've integrated both my creative journal blog and my twitter page directly into my Facebook page as tabs. I've also created a tab titled "Network", which has links to every social outlet I am a member of. This enables you to get connected with me whether you're on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Blogger, or visiting my official website. Basically, pick your poison and I'll be there with some fun stuff for ya! Last, but not least, there are "share" buttons for all of these new additions, which I hope you guys use to help spread the word about me and my work! If you happen to really like something, you can post it on your wall or tell your friends to come check it out.

Well I think I've babbled on long enough. Go check it out and please leave comments/criticisms - the more feedback I have, the better experience I can strive to make.

MY FACEBOOK PHOTOGARPHY PAGE:!/pages/Russell-Perkins-Photography/108612719172229


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